[PD] Re: New PDP/PiDiP for OSX

Ivan Franco ivan.franco at ydreams.com
Thu Mar 25 12:33:47 CET 2004

>> Now for some feedback:
>> . pdp_ieee1394 doesn't load (I noticed most of the examples were 
>> built around the usage of
>> cameras). I tried both usb and firewire cam's (should be recognized 
>> by system before loading object?)
> yes, launch pd once the camera is plugged on and sending data.
> sevy

It still doesn't seem to work. Can't load. I've been trying to use 
webcams inside both Gem and now PDP.

So I'm reporting (since I believe Yves told that part of  
[pdp_ieee1394] was based on [pix_video_darwin].

I can use my webcam with the previous binary distribution of Gem that 
came with Hans's installer (0.87 - Aug. 6 2003).
Pix_video works as expected. Although, when trying to use the most 
recent bin build of Gem
(GemG4, from http://taproot.dyndns.org/~cgc/downloads/index.html) I get:

GEM: pix_videoDarwin: no video yet
pix_videoDarwin: SGIdle failed.

as pix_videoDarwin been disabled? I worked previously!! ...

no Pix_video, no pdp_ieee1394!! :-(

Cheers all

PS. using logitech Quickcam Pro 4000, OSX 10.3. Webcam works ok with 
other sw.

Ivan Franco
ivan.franco at ydreams.com

YDreams SA

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