[PD] how do i interact with pd without gui?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Mar 25 16:13:14 CET 2004

If you open a port using a [netreceive] you can send any message to pd 
using the command line tools pdsend and pdreceive, or anything that can 
open a TCP port and send semicolon-terminated text to it.  You could 
probably do this with OSC as well.

If you create a netreceive with a third argument, its like sending 
semi-colon-preceeded mesages i.e. [; msg(  Here's an example:

[netreceive 4444 0 old]

4444 is the TCP port number, 0 means use TCP (1=UDP), and as for ''old" 
  I am not sure exactly what the symbol does, I just know that its 
presense makes it send the messages into the global space.  (Anyone 
know exactly what that symbol argument specifies?)

So to send messages to a [receive my_msgs] you would run this from the 
command line:

pdsend 4444 "my_msgs hello world;"


On Wednesday, Mar 24, 2004, at 16:13 America/New_York, Tim Blechmann 

> hi all,
> i recently got an old notebook (p2, 400mhz), i'd like to set up as a
> hard disk recorder ...
> i'd like to build a recording patch (wav / mp3 / ogg) and start it from
> the command line (i'd prefer not to run an x server on this machine) 
> ...
> but how is it possible to interact with pd without the gui or some kind
> of midi device? is it possible to send messages to pd from the command
> line (maybe via netsend/recieve or osc)
> thnx...
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