[PD] netsend/receive, a bit more

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Thu Mar 25 16:49:14 CET 2004

i dont know if anyone can help here but cheers if you can(im sure your
getting bored of netsend.receive questions)
This is a bit confusing so I hope you can have to patience to read it

Anyway I basically have 3 computers on a LAN, I want them all to be
connected to each other, so 

 1:  computer A(we'll call it) I connect to computer B and C perfectly, I
use a different port number each different computer, 
	this works fine, 

2: I try and then connect computer B to A and C, it connects to A fine but
when I connect to C it says its connected but nothing happens in C when i
try and affect it, so it doesnt seem to connect properly
3: Anyway I move on despite this and try connect C to B and A, same again
except it doesnt affect either B or A, so basically it says its connected
but when I go to change values of B and A using C absolutely nothing changes
in B and A

is there limitations to netsend netreceive ?? as in the first one connects
with the other 2 perfect, but the next one only connects to A and the next
one doesnt connect properly to any of them
Ive done this in different orders too, like starting with C, it connects
perfect to B and A, but then B only connects to C and A doesnt connect at

The most annoying part is the fact that its telling me its connected fine
Any help appreciated if you can

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