[PD] Anyone running PD on VIA processors?

Sean Costello seancostello2003 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 25 20:34:00 CET 2004

Thanks for the info. Is this running the Eden or C3 processor? I am having
trouble finding the info today, but do all of the Edens run the FPU at half
speed? I remember the older Via processors did this. If this is the case,
the C3 Nehemiah core might be a better bet for PD, as long as fan noise and
moving parts are not an issue.

At some point, I'd like to make a nice, solid, floor-mounted box, that would
run PD (and maybe the Linux port of Supercollider) as a multieffects device.
Ideally, the programs would run without GUI, and receive messages from a
MIDI controller.

Sean Costello

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> Hello,
> >
> > Has anyone here tried running Pure Data on the VIA processors, as found
> > the Mini-ITX or Nano-ITX motherboards? The size of these motherboards is
> > very appealing (the Nano-ITX is only 12x12 cm), but I have read some
> > underwhelming reports of performance on these processors.
> >
> We have made a soundserver with an epia board (without moving parts,
> as harddisk) see:
>    http://iem.kug.ac.at/projekte/composition/linux-Soundserver
> > Not sure how Linux support stands, and I am also not sure if there are
> > drivers for the built-in soundchips. It would also remain to be seen if
> they works, but bad. Its good for noisy TVs but not  for speakers.
> > small cache size is a problem - it seems like cache size is critical to
> > performance with MAX/MSP.
> >
> performance is half of a athlon with same cpu speed, but haveing an 667Mhz
> is like an 400MHz pentiumIII which is quite enough for most installation.
> mfg winfired
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