[PD] Still with the Gem!

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Thu Mar 25 20:35:48 CET 2004

Hello IO.z and the list,

i updated my GEM sources from CVS, but still no go. I will try to build without gltt, if there is no fix for the problem below...
(Hey, thats like a little poem!)

Heres my configure line
./configure  --without-mpeg3 --with-quicktime --with-avi --with-ieee1394 --enable-mmx

configure doesnt find ftgl, as I cant build ftgl. There is some error with someting being not defined in FTFace.cpp. I sent an email to Henery Maddock, FTGl creator.

Oh, Henry just got back to me! Heres his message:
> Freetype changed some of their symbols and I haven\'t had a chance to 
> release an update. The fix is as follows...
> bool FTFace::Attach( const unsigned char *pBufferBytes, size_t 
> bufferSizeInBytes)
> {
>      FT_Open_Args open;
>      open.flags = FT_OPEN_MEMORY; // <<<<< This bit
>      open.memory_base = (FT_Byte *)pBufferBytes;
>      open.memory_size = bufferSizeInBytes;
>      err = FT_Attach_Stream( *ftFace, &open);
>      return !err;
> }

So that builds now...With the exception if not finding and installing FTLayout.h...

Heres my GEM load error
/usr/local/src/Gem/src/Gnu/Gem.pd_linux: /usr/local/src/Gem/src/Gnu/Gem.pd_linux: undefined symbol: _ZN8GLTTFont12setPrecisionEd

I have the latest gltt (2.5.2 installed via rpm, I have FC2t1, could there be a problem if the rpms are built for RH9? I dont know that much about Distro differences)

Thanks for the contiued help!

PS: thanks Ian for the suguestion about two libglut\'s. If I gut this able to load, and it still hangs, than that is what Ill try! The Gl that comes with X is proabably better then the one I built anyway...

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