[PD] patch window to fit screen size?

James Tittle II tigital at mac.com
Thu Mar 25 21:25:44 CET 2004


...something I've noticed alot lately is that many times I'll open up a 
patch and it will extend off the screen, without any scrollbars:  is 
there a way around this other than manually editing the patch file?

...btw, I'm on OSX 10.3.3, using my own tcl/tk 8.5a; but I doubt that 
has anything to do with it since the changes are pretty much canvas 
drawing primitives...

...as an example, I cannot use the 
"docs/3.audio.examples/D09.shepard.tone.pd" because it extends way off 
the bottom of the screen...also, I thought that patches were supposed 
to open up with a preferred font size, but they all come out as 12 
point for me, which is big enough to not fit in the boxes (as they're 
supposed to)...


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