[PD] a nice interface

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Mar 27 05:34:38 CET 2004

Star Morin hat gesagt: // Star Morin wrote:

> ah... this is nice.  no more futzing with window size, object locations,
> gop size properties.  too bad a can retroactively apply this knowledge
> and get back the many hours i've spent doing those very things :)

Yes, I use a background canvas object. The way I do this is: 

Ctrl-N => Empty patch => create cnv object => create lots of more
objects => switch on GOP => resize the first cnv object to final size
=> remember that size => => resize the visible area of the patch to
match the background cnv (important!)  => save and close abstraction
=> Ctrl-N => Empty patch => use the first abstraction in this patch =>
right-click the child abstraction in this parent patch, select
Properties => input the size I remembered earlier plus about 10 in
height to let the abstraction name be visible => save props => open
child abstraction => save it (the child abstraction) => finish.

There has been talk about a new canvas object that will specify the
area that is shown on the parent patch. Above approach will allow me
to just exchange my background-"cnv" with this future object when it
is implemented, if necessary.

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