[PD] playing audio from arrays with dynamically changeable playback rate in win32?

David Merrill dmerrill at media.mit.edu
Sun Mar 28 21:29:52 CEST 2004

Hi all -
I'm looking for a good way to dynamically change the playback rate of a 
sample that I've got stored in an array. I remember readanysf~ could do 
this nicely, but now I'm on win32, and I can't find anything (and I'd 
like to use pre-loaded sound from an array rather than reading from a 
file).. The setup is that, I have a physical controller connected to the 
system, and I want to use continuous pressure to play back the sound at 
varying rates. At the moment I have a line~ object connected to a 
tabread4~ : it seems like a good start, but I'm not sure how to speed up 
or slow down the line~. Anyone have a good idea about how to do this?
much appreciated,
David Merrill

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