[PD] Art & Technology master's program

Palle Dahlstedt palle at design.chalmers.se
Mon Mar 29 16:09:10 CEST 2004

This may interest a number of PD-people. I think we even have a few 
students on the list already... .-)


Call for Applications:
in Goteborg, Sweden

*Extended deadline* Applications considered until 15th of April.

This unique master's program is intended for people with either
artistic or technical background, in any genre, who wants to learn
how to integrate advanced technology in the arts. The focus is on
topics such as programming, sound and image processing and synthesis,
electronics, robotics and interactivity. There is also a strong
practical component, with workshops, term projects and exhibitions,
as well as weekly seminars. The program regularly has international
guest lecturers and workshops.

The program started in 2002, and is given by Chalmers University
of Technology in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts at
Goteborg University. The program is given in English.

More info at:

Mats Nordahl: tfemn at fy.chalmers.se
Palle Dahlstedt: palle at design.chalmers.se

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