[PD] gem newbee plz help

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 21:30:46 CEST 2004

The second gem is for the actual .dll file, called
gem.dll(when loading an external with Pd you don't
include the extension ie .dll), what you have to do is
to start pd from the command line with -lib and then
type 'gem'(ie, the gem library) including its path, so
it may look like this

pd -lib D:/my_pd_dir/my_gem_dir/Gem 

For now if you like, just 'cd' to the directory with
the gem.dll in it from the command line, (cd changes
directory), once you are in the same directory as the
gem.dll start pd like this,

pd -lib gem

That should definitely get it started. The problem you
are having is that pd can't find the gem.dll in
/pd/gem/, so chances are the gem.dll is not in that
directory but another directory.


 --- "odiv ." <daniel52000 at hotmail.com> wrote: > hi
all. ive posted my message before, but didnt get
> response. i still cant 
> load gem library via dos (pd\bin\pd -lib
> /pd/gem/Gem) dont really get what 
> last Gem does. maybe for programmers this is candy,
> but for me its quite a 
> nut to crack. ive read all info about starting up +
> faqs. plz give me a 
> little hint, cuz i dont know what to focus on.
> thanx to inventor(s) for such a brilliant and
> intelligent software as PD
> best wishes daniel
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