[PD] latest osc.dll for windows

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 30 01:28:03 CEST 2004

enrike hat gesagt: // enrike wrote:

> Thanks to the help from the people in the OSC developer list, here it is
> the latest osc external dll for windows. The previous one available was
> compiled couple of years ago so it was pretty old.
> This one solves few problems and incorporates new funtions that were
> already available in the source for linux but nobody had compiled (at
> least that I know and I could find on the net)
> I uploaded it to this address so that it can be downloaded by anyone who 
> wants to test it.
> www.ixi-software.net/content/download/osc_pd.html
> I am not sure if i should include the source in the zip together with
> the dll. I am neither sure about the licence. So let me know if i am
> doing something wrong.

If it is the same source as is in CVS, then your source wouldn't be
needed, I guess. OSC has a BSD-ish license, AFAIK. But if you needed
to make changes to the source for Win-compile, or if you have a
Makefile or such, it would be very helpful to have it in the CVS as

I'd suggest to make a source ZIP on your page as well in that case,
than we could update CVS later.

> It would be good that the dll included in the external distribution at
> sourceforge is updated, i dont know who to contact to about this. 

Well, that would be "us". I never did the file release procedure,
especially not for Windows. Maybe Hans-Christopher can help out here?

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