[PD] OSC packet-parsing?

David Merrill dmerrill at media.mit.edu
Tue Mar 30 03:11:12 CEST 2004

Martin Peach wrote:

> David Merrill wrote:
>> Hi everyone -
>> What's the recommended way to parse OSC packets in pd? I have chunks 
>> of 18 bytes that I want to send from another computer into PD, and 
>> OSC seems like a natural way to do it. But I'm coming up against 2 
>> problems:
>> - have to back them into integers, since OSC doesn't seem to have 
>> byte as a datatype
>> - how to parse a block of 18 integers once I have it in PD?
> OSCroute or unpack?
> The recommended way to transfer 18 bytes in OSC would be to prefix 
> each with an identifying 'path' and use OSCroute to route them to 
> their destinations.
> Unpack might work for a list of 18 bytes sent to the same 'path', but 
> I haven't tried it.
Aah - so the best thing to do is to send each of the 18 separately then? 
Ok - I've done that now and it works - turning each into an int.. It 
just seems wasteful, spending an entire packet on each one of the 18 
bytes when I could just as easily pack themall  into a single packet..

> Martin

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