[PD] sending txt files

roc principio at ilimit.es
Tue Mar 30 13:48:38 CEST 2004


yo B
i'll try the saywhat example.
the text files collect audio analysis data from the patch, and at the 
same time they "are" what the patch plays back. egg-chicken thingie.
it is a piece for http://www.r4nd.org
if anybody is interested in the site or you have cool ideas to submit, 
dont hesitate to contact them.

> [netsend] to a perl script which actually performs the post,
> or to some other program getting its input from a corresponding
> pdreceive(1)?  I suppose OSC would work, too.  If you're
> generating actual *files*, you could probably get away
> with just the 'shell' object (from library ???), too.
> maybe have a look at the pd example from 'saywhat' (which
> i believe you must have on cd somewhere ;-) for an idea
> of how the [netsend] method might work.
> i just wrote a set of perl classes for wrapping
> pdsend/pdreceive; i'll try and remember to upload
> them this evening -- let me know if you're interested.
> ... your idea sounds cool, though: what kind of text
> are you generating?
> marmosets,
> 	Bryan
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