[PD] Percolate and other libs

doniguan at stny.rr.com doniguan at stny.rr.com
Tue Mar 30 18:46:40 CEST 2004

This all makes sense. I was confused on where my help path was, it is docs/5. ref

The folder that everything in is hidden so ive been doing everything through the terminal, its kinda hard to work with no visuals. Anyways, in my .pdrc file i just put -helppath /path/to/my/help/files/extra help files?

> I got percolate running. The Lib and Path thing gets really screwy.
> Everytime I load a new external, it searches every previous folder for
> that external. Its there a way to fix this? It doesnt really take long
> to load, i guess it doesnt really effect anything either, just looks
> messy. Easy fix, bye bye verbatim?
firstly, this is perfect behaviour:
if you specify several search-paths you can't complain that all the paths
searched, do you ?
anyhow, you  could specify the whole path when trying to load the library in
first place, eg: "pd -lib /path/to/my/superlib/superlib:/old/libs/oldlib"
instead of "pd -path /path/to/my/superlib:/old/libs/oldlib -lib

> Anyways, its not looking in the right directory for my help files. The
> files are in a folder within 5. Docs but it only looks in Docs and gives
> up. Any sugestions? Thanks - AP

there is a "-helppath" option.
and i don't understand, why anyone would install the docs into "5.doc"
of "doc" (or "doc/5.reference")


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