[PD] Re: .pdrc for Windows

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Mar 31 16:14:10 CEST 2004

On Monday, Mar 29, 2004, at 23:45 America/New_York, carmen wrote:

>> I don't think that that's necessary in order to get .pdrc files 
>> working
>> on Windows. Windows can have a home dir set like UNIX, so it could 
>> just
>> as easily go there.  But it would probably make sense to have a .pdrc
>> file in the App dir, but perhaps it should then have a different name,
>> like pd.rc or pd.conf.
> it now checks for .pdrc in ~/My Documents/ on windows as well as the 
> base app dir
> it could just as easily be stored in User/Application Data/pd/pd.ini 
> but until the gui pdrc editor works its proably better to not make 
> users have to track down such a nasty dir...

This is great, thanks for doing this.  But I have one small question.  
Why not put .pdrc in ~ like it does on every other platform?   I know 
that its not a commonly used directory in Windows, but it is also where 
your Desktop folder is, as well as My Documents, etc.  Plus "My 
Documents" is meant to be for the user's data, and .pdrc is more like a 
config file.  I suppose in the long run, pd could search a few 
directories for .pdrc files, like the root of the Pd dir, or 
"Application Data".


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