[PD] Re: [PD-announce] GEM 0.888 release-candidate 2 : codename 04/04/04

--//-- schwarz at gen-control.com
Tue Apr 6 14:29:55 CEST 2004

hi johannes

sorry for disturbing but i have a little question: i am suffering of this 
problem since one year now...
the trouble is with pix_rtx. (windows...oh...). well the combination of 
pix_rtx and pix_film or pix_
multiimage or pix_movie and all other image displaying objects leads to a 

someone fixed that bug for me (i had to do an installation in berlin..) and 
compiled me a dll were
it was working. anyway. this was one year ago and (as i tend to loose 
things) i lost that dll.

i think that this bug should be fixed in the "normal" gem.dll versions. (as 
the guy told me that is
was not hard to "repair". the big problem is: that i should have a working 
combination of pix_rtx
and pix_film at friday. so... if its somehow possible... maybe you could 
have a short look at
pix_rtx and tell me if there would be the possiblity to fix it until friday...

sorry sorry sorry... i am always late with my problems... should have told 
earlier i think...


At 17:25 05.04.2004, you wrote:
>hi all
>surprisingly for all comes that i have put a release-candidate for Gem on 
>the iem-pages;
>you can download from
>for users:
>as for now, only windows-compiles are online.
>there is a a gem-bin-dec-0.888rc2.zip file that holds the documentation 
>and the Gem.dll;
>just unpack it into your pd directory.
>(the zip files are relative to the pd-directory; so the extra\Gem.dll 
>should be in path\to\my\pd\extra after unzipping and you don't have to 
>execute a .bat file to run it)
>for devs:
>it does not yet include the very recent changes of chris, as i have 
>compiled it yesterday before they were checked in...
>PS: my announcement-mail yesterday somehow didn't make it (probably i 
>forgot to hit send)
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