[PD] More pdp blues

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Tue May 4 19:17:48 CEST 2004

> >maybe be using pdp_yqt instead of pdp_qt?
> >
> this, yes, it's lighter.

I switched to pdp_yqt and the stream of pdp_dump remains.
> >
> >I have pdp in its own thread, a [block~ 131072 8] which doesn't seem
> to help, and memory usage set to 100 megs
> >max. 
> >
> it's not so much, especially for the canvas.

What would be good numbers? Is there a disadvantage to having it too high, as long as I can spare the memory?
If I lower the memlimit, won't it just crash all that much sooner?

> >Problem is, instead of managing the memory as I'd hoped, it just exits
> when it goes over that limit. I am
> >trying to loop the video with pdp_qt 
> >
> there is a 'loop' message to pdp_qt or pdp_yqt for that purpose.

Yeah, what I was saying is, that I *am* using the loop message already, but I am *not* using any pdp_loop or
pdp_delay. I said this because the message memlimit passes when it closes pd is 
"WARNING: increase memory limit or decrease packet usage (i.e. pdp_loop, pdp_delay)."
And, unless they're buried in the other objects I'm using, I'm not using pdp_loop or delay.

What could be causing so many pdp_dumps? Pdp_yqt did slow the occurence of pdp_dumps down to about 3/sec from
5/sec (guesstimating), but it still quickly eats up every available byte of RAM. As the pdp_dumps roll in and
start eating memory, I use pdp_control's garbagecollect, but that only frees about 3 packets and has no
noticeable effect on the amount of memory usage.

Thanks for your patience Yves

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