[PD] pd -rt and linux 2.6

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed May 5 10:47:06 CEST 2004

hi again,

navz at dreaming.org wrote:
> g4 ibook 800
> kernel 2.6.4 w/ALSA for powermac
> tcl 8.3.4 (gentoo package)
> tk 8.3.4-r1 (gentoo package)

I recall some problems with Linux on PPC. For example, I could never get 
the line in from the "Screamer" soundcards working, no matter what 
kernel or ALSA version.

But your thing sounds like it could be an IRQ problem. You might "cat 
/proc/interrupts" to see where what is going. Also, you might add 
"pci=noacpi" or even "acpi=off" to your boot arguments in Grub or Lilo, 
and see of that helps.

good luck,

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