[PD] anyone successfully building PD themselves on windows?

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Thu May 6 19:53:06 CEST 2004

hey all, i'd like to experiment with different tcl/tk versions on my 
windows pd install to see if i can track down this nasty bug where the 
tcl gui pegs my cpu and never recovers seemingly at random.  its one of 
those nasty bugs we havnt been able to reproduce, but seems to like to 
crop up when we are setting up for a gig (*gulp*).  i'm hoping that its 
just a bug in tcl 8.3.  anyhow, if any of you are having any luck 
building pd, i could use some advice.   i've got visual studio 6 but 
when i've tried to build it it fails, probably some path issue.  plus i 
dont know if you build your own tcl/tk or if you find a binary of it 


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