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>Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 17:16:18 -0500
>To: soft_skinned_space <empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au>
>From: jonCates <joncates at criticalartware.net>
>Subject: [-empyre-] (n) formative states
>in a recent post to the generative art listserv "eu-gene", which was 
>the result of [cross-posting/pollinating w/] conversations happening 
>on the .micrcosound + PureData "PD-List" listservs, Saul Albert 
>participated in a discussion of the term "software-art".  responding 
>to a post from Philip Galanter, Saul Albert proposed introducing 
>greater ambiguity + confusion into taxonomical 
>"Philip Galanter wrote:
>>>  We do need to be more careful about how we define and categorise our
>>>  work. It's hard to do when there are few precedents and doing so may
>>>  even feel counterintuitive.
>Saul Albert wrote:
>>No! Be less careful, define and categorise a thousand times a day, 
>>and keep on doing it until nobody >believes in the stability of 
>>those categories as meaningful *in themselves* anymore. It's so 
>>easy when >there are few precedents!"
>>"I also suggest a new slew of categories for software art, derived 
>>from Borges' observations about the >problems of John Wilkins' 
>>taxonomic language system:
>>"These ambiguities, redundancies and deficiencies remind us of 
>>those which doctor Franz Kuhn attributes >to a certain Chinese 
>>encyclopedia entitled 'Celestial Empire of benevolent Knowledge'. 
>>In its remote pages >it is written that the animals are divided 
>>(a) belonging to the emperor
>>(b) embalmed
>>(c) tame
>>(d) sucking pigs
>>(e) sirens
>>(f) fabulous
>>(g) stray dogs,
>>(h) included in the present classification,
>>(i) frenzied
>>(j) innumerable
>>(k) drawn with a very fine camelhair brush
>>(l) et cetera
>>(m) having just broken the water pitcher
>>(n) that from a long way off look like flies."
>>from 'The Analytical Language of John Wilkins', by Jorge Luis Borges
>Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 23:45:50 +0000
>From: Saul Albert <saul at twenteenthcentury.com>
>To: generative art <eu-gene at generative.net>
>Subject: Re: [eu-gene] [Fwd: [microsound] 'Code as Art' Digest [from 
>the PD-List]]
>i was particularly taken w/this exchange for mini reasons, among 
>them the crossing of [wires/threads] between the 3 listservs, the 
>questions of opaqueness + transparency in the 
>linguistic/{il|l}ogical] constructions + the 
>[stability/impermanence] of such [structures/definitions]. i was 
>also drawn into this conversation b/c i greatly respect the work of 
>both Philip Galanter + Saul Albert.
>specifically, Philip Galanter's Generative Analog Videos (1993 - 
>1998) provide a link between video art + artware in that they are 
>feature "video feedback as a chaotic generative system" + function 
>as [executables/systems/applications/programs], connecting to Jack 
>Burnham's "systems aesthetic".
>Saul Albert's 'Artware - Art, Software and conceptualism'
>[article/essay] [is/was] deeply [inspirational/informative] to the 
>development of criticalartware. when i first read the text i was 
>elated by the word 'artware' (this was i think the 1rst time i read 
>'artware' as a term applied to the conflux of [concepts/constructs] 
>that were of such great interest to me. later, the group of people 
>that would become the coreDevelopers of criticalartware began 
>discussing the connections between conceptual art, minimalism, 
>performance, expanded cinema, video art, hacking, Radical Software, 
>systems aesthetics, the internet, network cultures, genealogies, 
>software, current version systems, instructions sets, art as 
>executable code, etc, etc, etc...
>  ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper
>empyre forum
>empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au

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