[PD] xnetreceive

Jorge Cardoso jccardoso at porto.ucp.pt
Fri May 7 17:18:55 CEST 2004

I've put a zip file with the source, makefile and binaries for OSX,
Linux and Windows at:

I adapted the makefile from maxlib and tested it on those platforms...

Thank you all,

Jorge Cardoso <-> jorgecardoso at ieee.org

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>this is taken from pdp/pidip Makefile for OSX :
>g++ -o pdp.pd_darwin pidip-modules/*.o modules/*/*.o system/*/*.o 
>$(PDP_LIBS) -dynamic -bundle -undefined error 
>-multiply_defined suppress 
>-twolevel_namespace -bundle_loader $(PD_EXECUTABLE)
>i guess you can figure what to modify in this...
>Pall Thayer wrote:
>> Ok, ld doesn't recognize the -export_dynamic and -shared 
>flags on Mac 
>> OS X but at least I know what I'm looking for.
>> palli
>> Martin Peach wrote:
>>> Pall Thayer wrote:
>>>> Not much of a programmer myself but I tried compiling this 
>on Mac OS 
>>>> X. After commenting out the ifdef Unix and all the win stuff, the 
>>>> only error I get is the following... what does this mean?
>>>> pallis-Computer:/Applications/pd-0.37-1/src root# gcc 
>>>> ld: Undefined symbols:
>>>> _main
>>>> _binbuf_eval
>>>> _binbuf_free
>>>> _binbuf_getnatom
>>> ...
>>> Looks like ld (the linker) is looking for entry points in pd. 
>>> Probably because you need to build it as dynamic shared library as 
>>> opposed to a standalone program. In my makefile I have
>>> ld -export_dynamic -shared ...
>>> which I believe is what it takes to do this in linux, but I don't 
>>> know OSX enough to be sure that will work there as well.
>>> Martin
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