[PD] most stable processing?

florian grassl souterrain at web.de
Fri May 7 21:40:03 CEST 2004


first of all: i know this is a bad idea, but i'll have to process a couple of GEM geos AND audio at the same time on the same machiene. (amd duron 1.8Ghz, 512ram, pd 0.37-1, gem 0.88, winXPpro).

amongst others, i have two synth patches running that produce a constant "soundscape" which seems to cause problems to pd's audio processing:
"audio i/o stuck...closing audio"

i have tried various buffersizes in mmio and asio specifications but can't get rid of the problem.
this is the first time i have audio setting problems and couldn't figure out what (and how) to set blocksizes or fragsizes.
do the blocksize and buffersize have to stand in some sort of logical relation?
is there a method of automatically resetting the audio computation at a specified time?

i am currently using r~ and s~ to send signals between patches. would using catch~ and throw~ be more accurate.

finally, i would not mind a high latency at all! i only need to get the whole thing running as stable as possible.

cheers for any suggestions!


sough entertainment
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