[PD] [gem] hard freeze in root

dmotd inaudible at dart.net.au
Mon May 10 04:03:24 CEST 2004


  am now using gem 0.88rc2, and it seems to be reacting badly to
  being run under root (with or without -rt threading).. am not
  doing anything out of the ordinary, and there is no such problem
  when run in normal user mode.. there are no error messages, just a
  hard freeze of pd, which prevents me from killing (SIGKILL) any of
  the related processes.. patches and library load fine but as soon
  as i create a gemwin the process freezes.. tested without any
  external libraries.. i don't have a bugzapper so i can't be much
  more assistance (if anyone can suggest a decent debugger i'll
  happilly install it)
    linux 2.6.4 w. gentoo 
    intel-i810 drm xfree 4.3 libraries..


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