[PD] GEM OS X : Window not draggable ...

gl03 glow at trust.at
Mon May 10 15:34:28 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm using the OS X port of GEM (0.888-pre1) on an iBook. When I create 
a window I get the output:

MAC: BuildGLonWindow: fDraggable= false
MAC: BuildGLonWindow: not draggable on single device
MAC: BuildGLonWindow (!pcontextInfo->fDraggable && (numDevices == 1))

the created window is - as the output suggests - not draggable, not 
focusable and - what's worse - mouse events are not passed to it, 
effictively making the use of gemmouse impossible.

what is the reason for this and is there a workaround to use gemmouse 
after all? What devices is BuildGLonWindow talking about - gfxcards, 



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