[PD] passing variables to an abstraction

Al Riley alrileyuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 12 15:43:28 CEST 2004

I know this is probably a very simple query but I've
looked through the documentation and haven't found the

I am programming a twenty osciallator additive synth
with each partial being represented as a version of an
identical abstraction. I can pass fixed numbers to
each instance of the abstraction (e.g. I type "partial
5  6.33", and retrieve the numbers with "float $1"
etc) in the object call. 

The problem is that the partial weightings are varied
by the user in real-time so I need to pass this
variable instead of a fixed number. There are twenty
weighting values and the correct one has to be passed
to the relevant instance of the abstraction. I
initially tried a send object with the corresponding
receive for each partial embedded in the relevant
abstraction. I soon realised that changes to the
abstraction wouldn't be saved so this method wouldn't

Do I have to create twenty separate abstractions or is
there a way round this?

Hope this makes sense, Al.

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