[PD] GEM OpenGL HW acceleration?

Mikael Konttinen micken at home.se
Fri May 14 12:44:24 CEST 2004

Hello all, 

I'm quite new on PD and GEM and I'm having some trouble with performance.
Especially if any other window (for example a PD patch) is overlapping the
GEM window the rendering slows down considerably but also whenever I use
bumpmapping or similar math intense operations and also pix_write. 

I've been tweaking the hardware settings for the nVidia OpenGL rendering
(using nVHardPage as the latest nVidia drivers don't have any OpenGL
settings) and experimented with setting various parameters such as
anti-aliasing and filtering, but there is no change in neither visual
results or performance. Therefor I suspect that GEM doesn't utilize hardware
acceleration. What do you think, can this be the case? Is hardware rendering
switchable somehow? 

I run PD/GEM under WinXP on a AMD 2600+/512MB with nForce2 integrated
graphics and I've got a fast hard drive. I've googled and searched the
PD-list without finding anything related. As far as I've noticed, I don't
have any performance issues with graphics using other software or windows in

Very thankful for any help!


.: Mikael Konttinen .. Composer and Fine Art Student
.: Located in Bergen / Norway .. Mobile +47 48277786

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