[PD] pure-data.org lapsed ?

Lex Ein lex_ein at f-m.fm
Sun May 16 05:26:04 CEST 2004

May I suggest the free Yahoo Calendar reminder service? 100% reliable so
far for me.  Many features: multiple notification addresses, annual
repeat, multi-reminders week or day before, etc. I've tested for and
received NO SPAM at the notification addresses as a result of using the
Calendar feature. And Yahoo's spam catching keeps that throwaway account
slim.  Just use a long, long account name.

You must sign on once every 3.999 months to keep the account active, per 
http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/access/access-04.html but that's
easily done: 
On the other hand:

Otherwise, just remember.  Remember that thousands of lives depend on
your aging, failing memory.
If you forget to have kids, nobody's going to remind you. But if you
forget to pay for your domain registration, everybody will remind you the
day after.


On Sat, 15 May 2004 17:01:59 -0500, "Eric Skogen" <eskogen at usfamily.net>
> Christian Klippel wrote:
> >hi again,
> >
> >Am Samstag 15 Mai 2004 23:10 schrieb Eric Skogen:
> >  
> >
> >>they're just out to get some cash, any price they can. i'm sure they
> >>have a script that picks up random lapsed sites.
> >>
> >>http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum25/1247.htm
> >
> >sorry, the forum requires registration, i refuse to do so ;-)
> >  
> >
> Oh, sorry, i didn't see that requirement. The post was mainly a 
> discussion of BuyDomains prices, which they say are non-negotiable. 
> Generally though, if you wait a few months, they'll give you a much 
> lower quote. They're out to make profit (even if it means exasperating 
> entire communities of users) , and the lowest bid is better than no bid 
> at all.
> Unfortunately unless you own a trademark related to the domain it seems 
> unlikely they'd turn it over.
> >anyway, i just mailed to our provider about the situation.
> >our provider is very supportive of open-source and the community, they just 
> >believe in it. and i think they have good contacts, too. maybe we have a 
> >chance to get it back. would be a real shame if it would be gone forever, 
> >just due to sloppiness .... 
> >
> >greets,
> >
> >chris
> >
> >
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