[PD] pdp_qt freezes pd

olsen modewelt at gmx.at
Mon May 17 13:41:46 CEST 2004

it's getting quite rigid on my computer opening a qt-movie compressed 
photojpeg - have to make the finishing move for pd via ctrl+c...
heres the console output:
pdp_qt: opening /home/olsen/discovery_photojpeg/gummitwist.mov
pdp_qt: video stream found (360x288 pixels, 25 fps, 1584 frames, jpeg codec)
pdp_qt: audio stream found (2 channels, 44100 Hz, 2794176 samples, 
chunksize 1764)
pdp_qt: using colormodel YUV420P
pdp_qt: /home/olsen/discovery_photojpeg/gummitwist.mov opened
pdp_xv: autocreate window
pdp_xvideo: grabbed port 107 on adaptor 0
Pd: signal 2

is this a libquicktime problem?
this is on unstable with libquicktime-dev 0.9.2release-3
once worked nice on my laptop but due to some update same phenomenon on 
testing with: libquicktime-dev 0.9.2release-2...
hints welcome

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