[PD] GRID and compiling issues

carmen ix at replic.net
Mon May 17 19:28:59 CEST 2004

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 11:20:26AM -0500, yasmin ahmad wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone has compiled the latest GRID on windows? 
> I have been trying to compile externals and have been having an exceedingly hard time with some of them.
> I'm using PD on XP and MS VC++ 6.0. I realize this question has been asked many times so I've tried just about every suggestion posted with limited success. 
> I am able to compile the example from doc/6.externs, I can also compile iemlib but when I try maxlib, zexy or flext I keep getting errors - usually due to m_imp.h . Has anyone else had these problems? I'm fairly new to C++ so I guess that doesn't help either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I really can't start writing externals until I can compile existing ones!

"grid" works in gcc (included in mingw/msys installer from www.mingw.org). in general gcc does a much better job of building open source software, pd externals included, than microsofts compiler, since many if not most active developers tend to prefer linux as their OS..in an ideal case all you should have to do is use the linux makefile, change "pd_linux" to "dll" and add an explicit path to pd.dll in the LDFLAGS..

there is a mingw-aware makefile for grid in cvs.sourceforge.net/pure-data/externals/unaothorized . assuming you want to build the entire unaothorized collection i'd just amke a 'tmp' dir and move the folders that do not build into it, unless you feel like porting the networking stuff used etc.. at the very least the following will work: audience~    disto~    grid  samplebox~  stksitar~  wahwah~ beatify~  formant~  spigot~  compressor~  gem2pdp   pianoroll stkdrone~

good luck!
> Thanks,
> Yasmin
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