[PD] VRML and Pure Data

RTaylor RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Wed May 19 07:55:10 CEST 2004

 I was just thinking... I've been fiddling with Squeak for several days
 now. It seems as though pd might embed into it nicely... this would give you
 video, some sound stuff {Siren}, support for lisp, scheme, a nice gui and XML {VRML}
 fairly easily.

 Maybe the Gnu Smalltalk license is easier? Linux Self? VisualWorks? Slate?

juto aviten <periclite at free.fr> writes:

}> i was wondering if there are any connections or integrators how people
}> combined PD an VRML.
}> any hints are welcome.
}> i especially look for ideas how to use the input methods of pd to navigate
}> or control objects in VRML worlds.
}> another thing would be a converter of vrml .wrl files into Gem objects.
}> i expect this to be questions in an upcoming workshop.
}Hi Max,
}that's an idea we had to work on vrml and PD, we could be interesting by
}organising a workshop on this issue one day, maybe we could begin to have
}some exchange about this issue. We work with the university whom want to
}developp under java, create a platform with it, someone post a project he
}have to work with quake & PD, I think this issue of vrml is quiet interesting
}to push forward.
}keep in touch
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