[PD] some comments on installing pdp on osx

martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Wed May 19 12:17:39 CEST 2004

this is more or less for the archives.

i went through pdp-on-osx-hell yesterday and it turned out to be a 
rather short trip after all. (4 hours are short compared to how others 

i used sara kolster's (umatic.nl) how-to and yves' tar.gz as well as 
uPDated as well as apple's X11.	

the point is that there is in fact a lot of stuff already in what you 
download on yves' page. not everything but pretty much. and most of it 
worked quite out of the box.

on 10.3 the road to go was:

- download pdp_pidip_osx from yves page
- do all the fink actualization as described on dereks page (until 
"installing libraries")
- install pdp_pidip_osx as described in the readme.
- install finkcommander (apt-get refused to find the unstabel sources 
for me)
- install ffmpeg via finkcommander (do not ask me why it was necessary, 
but it was for me)
- install X11 (is in /Applications/Installers under 10.3)
- copy the pdp.pd_linux into uPDated/.../externals
- sleep one night
- start it and it works

for me that worked.



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