[PD] fiddle~ post processing

marc bohlen marcbohlen at lycos.com
Wed May 19 17:35:24 CEST 2004

hi list

I would like to postprocess the output of fiddle~ pitch data in a separate external PD object. (I want to find the distribution of the resultant
frequencies, so I can make an estimation of its origin [voice vs whistle, for example]). 

New to PD external creation, I imagine something like tabwrite would be able to access the data (from fiddle~) in the garray datastructure 
(a->x_array->vec[n]) from where I could process it. 

Any suggestions?

I have a silly linker issue with  findbyclass:

With this declaration
EXTERN t_pd *pd_findbyclass(t_symbol *s, t_class *c);
t_garray *a = (t_garray *) pd_findbyclass(x->x_arrayname,garray_class); 

creates an unresolved external (_garray_class) linker error on win2k VC++. 
Tried gensym to create a symbol (garray, struct, even class). No luck

BUT this is just fine:
EXTERN t_pd *pd_new(t_class *cls);
t_counter *x = (t_counter *)pd_new(counter_class);	 

What is special with garray_class (or what am I blind to)?

Thanks! marc

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