[PD] Popular IDE for developing Pd external in Linux?........

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu May 20 13:27:03 CEST 2004

chun lee hat gesagt: // chun lee wrote:

> Just a quick question. I am thinking of starting to learn how to write my
> own Pd externals in C soon. I would like to know what are the popular IDEs
> people are using in Linux. I am running Fedora. Can I use Emacs? 

It depends. :)

> I have only got it that comes with the distribution and it looked
> very foreign to me. My past experience is with CodeWarrior on Mac
> OSX developing Max/Msp object.
> Any advice and suggestions are appreciated.

I suppose, that most external developers on Linux don't use an IDE
like CodeWarrior, but instead prefer their favourite text editor. Some
text editors like Emacs and Vim hide an IDE inside, though.

Most externals aren't that large, often just a single file, although
there are exceptions like VASP or PDP. So you normally can get away
with simple tools. Personally I just use Vim, sometimes enhanced by
some code navigation utils like ctags.  

You should learn a decent all-purpose editor anyways, because you'll
probably need it for a lot of tasks like system administration, email
writing, coding in various languages (C, but also things like
Makefiles or simple sh-scripts).

I'd recommend trying some of the widly used ones like Vim or Emacs.
Andyou should subscribe to pd-dev, too, as that's where the
development quesitons are handled.

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