[PD] Popular IDE for developing Pd external in Linux?........

august august at alien.mur.at
Thu May 20 16:11:20 CEST 2004

> chun lee hat gesagt: // chun lee wrote:
> > Just a quick question. I am thinking of starting to learn how to write my
> > own Pd externals in C soon. I would like to know what are the popular IDEs
> > people are using in Linux. I am running Fedora. Can I use Emacs? 

alot of people seem to use Anjuta.  http://anjuta.sourceforge.net/

it works ok.  I even tried it out for a while developing a pd external.
the cool thing is that it creates a full autoconf,automake system for you.
but, you still need to learn how that works.

I eventually left it, because after I learned how autoconf worked, I
didn't need it anymore.

I remember it being a little bit strange to use with pd, 'cause of special
build options you need to pass to gcc to get it to make the shared object
that pd exterrnals need.

best -august.

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