[PD] p(i)d(i)p compilation problem

plessas at sbox.tugraz.at plessas at sbox.tugraz.at
Fri May 21 21:04:10 CEST 2004

Quoting Yves Degoyon <ydegoyon at free.fr>:

> remove the -Werror in Makefile.config
> ( the line is :
> replace it with :

Thanks Yves! got pdp compiled!
Now... You guessed it, i am going for pidip :-)

Status is:
pdp is installed
Imlib2 too
ffmpeg too (as cvs snapshot, with option ./configure --enable-mp3lame
corrected the PATHS in configure.ac

...then an ERROR at pidip "make":

pdp_ffmpeg~.c: In function `pdp_ffmpeg_process_yv12':
pdp_ffmpeg~.c:446: error: too few arguments to function `img_resample_full_init'
make[1]: *** [pdp_ffmpeg~.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/src/pidip-0.12.14/modules'
make: *** [pdp_pidip_all] Error 2

I followed the instructions from the pidip INSTALL.txt.
If anyone has an idea I'd be glad to hear!



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