[PD] Crash Bug discovered this weekend.

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Tue May 25 12:33:07 CEST 2004

> 	I have limited experience with debugging things, so I have no
> idea where to start. But first I guess would be to see if it kill
> other peoples PD's. And then to ask if I am doing anything completely
> wrong with the patch itself.
i created a backtrace for this problem:

(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x0805d47a in glist_findrtext (gl=0x80f1c20, who=0x80f1b18) at
#1  0x0805b5da in text_vis (z=0x80f1b18, glist=0x80f1c20,
vis=1) at g_text.c:965
#2  0x0805aaed in gatom_vis (z=0x80f1b18, glist=0x80f1c20, vis=1) at
#3  0x0806b6a1 in gobj_vis (x=0x80f1b18, glist=0x80f1c20, flag=1) at
#4  0x080581f0 in graph_vis (gr=0x80f1c20, parent_glist=0x80f3cd8,
vis=1) at g_graph.c:785
#5  0x0806b6a1 in gobj_vis (x=0x80f1c20, glist=0x80f3cd8, flag=1) at
#6  0x08053b2e in canvas_map (x=0x80f3cd8, f=1) at g_canvas.c:620
#7  0x08089998 in pd_typedmess (x=0x80f3cd8, s=0x80debd0, argc=0,
argv=0x80cf9d0) at m_class.c:720
#8  0x0806952e in guiconnect_anything (x=0x80f0f58, s=0x80debd0, ac=1,
av=0x80cf9c8) at g_guiconnect.c:70
#9  0x08089b80 in pd_typedmess (x=0x80f0f58, s=0x80debd0, argc=1,
argv=0x80cf9c8) at m_class.c:741
#10 0x0808cf65 in binbuf_eval (x=0x80ea610, target=0x80f0f58, argc=0,
argv=0x0) at m_binbuf.c:594
#11 0x08092edb in socketreceiver_read (x=0x80e9da8, fd=9) at
#12 0x080928cf in sys_domicrosleep (microsec=0, pollem=1) at
#13 0x08093f08 in sys_pollgui () at s_inter.c:1104
#14 0x08090e0b in m_scheduler () at m_sched.c:454
#15 0x0809147d in sys_main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff1c4) at s_main.c:297
#16 0x08095606 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff1c4) at s_entry.c:49

i'm not familiar with the gui code, but someone else might be...


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