[PD] Game controllers input

RTaylor RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Sat May 29 16:41:24 CEST 2004

On 2004-05-28 03:30:08 +0000 Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:
> The Linux kernel has support for lots of game controllers.  You could  use it 
> in conjuction with [linuxevent] for example.  There is also  J.Sarlo's 
> [joystick] for GNU/Linux and Windows.  I hope to find time  this summer to 
> write some objects for using USB HID devices on MacOS X.

> On May 27, 2004, at 9:49 AM, martin dupras wrote:
>> Does anyone know a piece of software that will take usb game  controllers
>> as input for midi under windows (essentially what Steim's junXion does
>> on Mac OSX), or a way to acquire the game controller data in PD?

  On Windows... Eyesweb.

  You might try Music/Sndkit on any of them.

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