[PD] Re: [PD-announce] loading soundfiles on the fly

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Sun May 30 21:02:46 CEST 2004

hi Tim,

I read:
> i've been working on a threaded soundfiler, that i've added to the
> devel_0_37 branch, providing the capabilities of loading / saving arrays
> on the fly without interrupting the dsp performance.

I just did a fresh checkout of devel_0_37 but I still have dropouts when 
using soundfiler to load stuff into tables.

but the output looks fine (except for the watchdog barking when loading
very large files or switching screens to the pd gui screen):

combat:/home/x/audio/sw/pd/pdevel-0.37# ./bin/pd -rt
reading startup file: /root/.pdrc
priority 8 scheduling enabled.
memory locking enabled.
priority 6 scheduling enabled.
memory locking enabled.
global soundfiler thread launched
couldn't open MIDI input device 0
couldn't open MIDI output device 0
opened 0 MIDI input device(s) and 0 MIDI output device(s).
priority 1 scheduling for soundfiler.

> i also added the
> feature of resizing arrays without clicks by sending a |resize arrayname
> size( message.

that should be  [; arrayname resize size ( shouldn't it ?
I enabled this too when ./configuring but still get clicks when resizing.

> i've only been able to test it on my linux machine, but since it's more
> or less posix compatible, it should be possible to compile it for other
> platforms, too. i still consider it as experimental, but only because i
> haven't been able to test it on other systems...

I tried it on debian-ppc ,

any iedeas ?



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