[PD] change sendsymbols dynamically

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun May 30 22:24:20 CEST 2004

thank you for the hint. this is what i was looking for.

it would work well, but for my intention to create a patch by sending
messages to a canvas, i encountered another problem: a collision between
[dist]-syntax and pd-syntax:
for creating new patches it's needed to send messages like [connect 0 0 2
0]. [dist] interpret it as a request to connect with "". may a mixture of
[dist] and [$0 $1 $2 ...] would work.

or would it make sense rewrite this object and using instead of 'connect'
and 'disconnect' , 'add' and 'remove' (like an item of a list)?


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> I read:
> > is there a way to change sendsymbol of a [send]-object dynamically?
> I find using maxlib's dist for this purpose very convenient.
> There is a patch floating around that allows to use set messages
> to change the destination of a send object, and you can of course
> use messages to the canvas to generate an appropriate [send somewhere]
> on the fly.
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