[PD] (Off-topic) Mac OS X + Built-in audio + MIDI

Jorge Cardoso jccardoso at porto.ucp.pt
Mon May 31 13:43:18 CEST 2004


This is slightly off-topic but I've tried almost everything with no success 
so here it goes
(also, I'm not too fluent in Mac-ish so bare with me):

How can I configure Mac OS X with MIDI through the built-in audio card?

In the MIDI audio setup utility I can see a IAC driver... what is this?
PD lists this as a MIDI device but I still can't hear any MIDIs...

I'm guessing I need a Core Audio driver for the built-in sound card but I don't
know where to get it...

I have a PowerPC G4 machine.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.


Jorge Cardoso

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