[PD] [100MHz]Pd Linux MIDI

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Thu Jul 1 12:07:40 CEST 2004

I read:
> I have an old Pentium 1 MMX 100 MHz laptop that I would like to use for MIDI 
> controlling with Pure Data under Linux. Is it possible ? I'm afraid the 
> Tcl/Tk GUI will be very slow

I ran pd (debian, blackbox) on a 120Mhz pentium a while ago even doing audio
(with -r 22050) but with -nosound only for midi it should be fine.
> Also, which Linux distribution would you install ? 

I would always go for debian, in your case maybe slackware is a better 

just make sure you kill everything you don't need, (down to syslog if 
necessary) make a custom kernel with preemption turned on and turn off
swapping if you have enough ram.

good luck, 


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