[PD] problems using .obj in gem

ROMER,DYLAN JASON drone at ufl.edu
Fri Jul 2 18:33:03 CEST 2004

sorry I meant 0.90, my bad newbie here
Im running GEM on windows on a toshiba satelltite. like i said 
whenever I try to render more than 6 .obj models gem crashes. the 
models are all small
when I hsad them rendering I had them all rotating independantly, 
all connected to the same gemhead object using a couple of 
separator objects. my cpu would be running at 30% to 40%. I'm just 
trying to get handle on GEM right now so I'm not yet familiar with 
ahat might be typical sources of problems.

On Fri Jul 02 03:06:16 EDT 2004, IOhannes m zmoelnig 
<zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:

>> hello
>> I've been to use the .obj files with pd and I'm having some 
>> trouble
>> first I have the problem of having to open the model example if 
>> I want to use any of my own .obj
>> I read that it was fixed but I don't know why im having trouble
>> and second once I get my .obj files up any time I try to render 
>> more than 6 .obj models pd crashes
>> I'm using the .9 version of GEM
>> does any one know what might be causing these problem?
>> and anyway to fix them?
> hi.
> probably you should upgrade to 0.90 ? 0.09 seems quite old ;-)
> can you be a bit more specific about your problems ?
> i can at least run 64 huge models without any problems on linux.
> how big are yours ? (i read that there are some patches for 
> enlargement)
> mfg.asd.r
> IOhannes


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