[PD] problems using .obj in gem

ROMER,DYLAN JASON drone at ufl.edu
Sat Jul 3 01:35:20 CEST 2004


I am using NVIDIA GeForce 440 Go  64mb video card
Im sending an attatchment with file containing 2 patches and the 
and also a link where you can find them
myseparator is a version with 5 .obj models
this is because i need to open the model example if I want to open 
any of my own models
and then my separator 2 has 7 .obj models if this opens fine on 
your computer it means theres a problem with how GEM runs on my 
computer and not GEM itself
I gorgot to mention before I can't even open a patch if it has 
more than 6 .obj files
I based this on a mel script I wrote for an animation in maya and 
it worked fine with 30 of these models rotating in real time with 
shading turned on,although those were nurbs models.

it is the rotator.rar file
or all the files are also in the rotator folder

thank you

On Fri Jul 02 18:22:19 EDT 2004, chris clepper 
<cgc at humboldtblvd.com> wrote:

> What is the exact video hardware do you have?  That's a 
> suspiciously high CPU load for what you are describing.  Perhaps 
> something is being done in software rather than hardware and that 
> bit is causing the crash?
> I'm just guessing at this point because I have seen GEM run fine 
> with dozens, if not hundreds, of models at once without a crash.  
> Post your patch as well because the crash might not be model 
> related.
> cgc
> On Jul 2, 2004, at 11:33 AM, ROMER,DYLAN JASON wrote:
>> sorry I meant 0.90, my bad newbie here
>> Im running GEM on windows on a toshiba satelltite. like i said 
>> whenever I try to render more than 6 .obj models gem crashes. 
>> the models are all small
>> when I hsad them rendering I had them all rotating 
>> independantly, all connected to the same gemhead object using a 
>> couple of separator objects. my cpu would be running at 30% to 
>> 40%. I'm just trying to get handle on GEM right now so I'm not 
>> yet familiar with ahat might be typical sources of problems.
>> thanks
>> drone

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