[PD] GEM hardware compatibility information

aym3ric stm-sq at bleu255.com
Sat Jul 3 13:35:07 CEST 2004

hello chris, list,

Platform: Gentoo Linux x86
OS version: 2.6.7-ck2
Hardware Vendor/Model: Compaq Evo N800w
CPU: P4-M 2GHz
RAM: 512MB
HD: 40GB 5400rpm
GPU: ATI FireGl 9000 Mobility
GPU Driver: ATI fglrx 3.9.0-r1
Other Software/Drivers: alsa 1.0.5a, jack 0.98.1-r1
Other video hardware: 
Bugs/Issues: everything is fine, have some weird issues in RT though,
not GEM related but really annoying (GEM 0.90 + RT =
freeze/crash/watchdog, PDP 0.12.3 + RT + GLX window =


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