[PD] audio glitch/pause while redrawing array

david daniell m at tinynumbers.com
Sat Jul 3 21:41:23 CEST 2004

I have searched the list archives but not exactly found any answer to 
this question.  I'm running OSX with the 0.37.1 installer from Hans.  I 
have a patch which uses the xsample stuff to record real-time audio 
coming in from the adc~, which records the data into an array.  
Whenever the array display is redrawn (whether with an explicit [draw( 
msg to xrecord~, or just automatically by xrecord when recording 
stops), there is a noticeable pause/glitch any sound playback which is 
going on.  It seems that the source of the problem is the redraw on 
screen of the array.

Is this a known issue with PD in general, or maybe just the particular 
version / OS / installer I'm using, or what?  Any suggestions from 
anyone who has also seen this, or suggestions on how to track down / 
debug this problem?

I can send my patch if anyone thinks that would help....

Thanks much,
- David

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