[PD] audio glitch/pause while redrawing array

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 4 18:05:06 CEST 2004

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Tim Blechmann wrote:

> the kernel/gui communication of pd has the problem that the gui socket
> is running in the same thread as the dsp,
> but iirc guenther mentioned, that the gui communication is not the only
> problem of slow array redraws.

Actually It's a matter of the client-server socket being flooded by array
refresh data, and so the gui socket is blocking, as it is not set in
nonblocking mode nor anything like it (SIGALRM timeouts, etc)

> since mathieu was working on the gui code on the impd branch, i'd like
> to know, if he was looking at that part of the gui code... 

I'm not there yet, but I

> btw, mathieu i haven't read anything about impd on the lists for some
> time... what's it's current state?  

I've not been working on IMPD for a while, as I've prepared 2 or 3
exhibitions and working on another one; plus, I'm adding new features to
GridFlow, too, as you can see here:



(Those subwindows are very fast, but they are Linux-only; actually they
only require that Pd uses a Tk that uses X11)

Mathieu Bouchard                       http://artengine.ca/matju

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