[PD] Echo & Basic FX for PD

lee lee at fallingforward.net
Mon Jul 5 20:32:14 CEST 2004

Exflux-6 wrote:

> Hey,
>  I've been away from the list for quite some time, I was hoping
> someone could point me to some different types of real-time echo
> effects / patches for PureData, my friend wants to pick up a talk-box
> ( I think thats what they are called ), just a primitive type box that
> makes the output have either echos or wierd filters.. But I was hoping
> we could maybe do some of the same things w/ PureD instead..

For echo, look at [delwrite~] and [vd~]. Patch the output of [vd~] back 
into the input of [delwrite~] and you have a delay with feedback. Put 
some kinds of filters in the feedback path and you have *crazy feedback 
delay effect action*!

This requires a good realtime soundcard/operating system to be really 
useful. I get no noticeable latency in Linux with an M-Audio card.


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