[PD] GUI as external program

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Jul 5 21:24:40 CEST 2004

lee hat gesagt: // lee wrote:

> Has anyone on this list seen or created a graphical interface that sends 
> messages to PD using an external GUI toolkit? While the TCL/TK style is 
> functional, it's not exactly "modern" as far as GUIs come. I was looking 
> at wxWindows, since it already supports all of PD's target platforms:
> http://wxwindows.sourceforge.net/ 
> http://wxwindows.sourceforge.net/screen03.htm
> I have no practical experience with this kind of programming, but I 
> think using PD for only DSP and writing the C++ GUI code to pass 
> messages to PD via the [netreceive] object could open up some amazing 
> user interface possibilities (pull down menus, for one). Obviously it 
> won't be realtime box/patchcord style and each GUI will have to be 
> custom built, but it's an idea...

You could use for example Python with wx to built a GUI and send data 
over OSC or netsend. Oh, wait, that's already done in GriPD... ;)

Another interesting approach would be to do it the other way around:
Use Pd's Rapid GUI development features to build interfaces for
SupperCollider, then run "pd -noaudio", and send OSC data to SC. I'd
say this even would be more useful, because then you could script more
advanced audio things than are possible or convenient in Pd.

Finally a GUI rewrite for Pd is somehow planned but there are other
issues to solve before. 

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