[PD] Basic PD setup

lee lee at fallingforward.net
Mon Jul 5 21:25:46 CEST 2004

Ivan Pope wrote:

> OK, thanks to everyone for saying that basic questions are ok.
> Here's a basic request to get me started:
> Can anyone send me a PD file that takes as input a)a local file and b)a live
> feed from the pc, does some minimal processing and outputs it. Then I will
> be a long way down the road in my understanding and ability!

Under the "Media" menu open the "Test Audio and MIDI" option. View these
patches, they are a good example of how to get audio in and out of your
soundcard. PD's built in documentation is excellent. And the docs are 
just PD patches so they're interactive, ctrl+e and you're in edit mode.


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