[PD] audio glitch/pause while redrawing array

david daniell m at tinynumbers.com
Mon Jul 5 21:57:20 CEST 2004

Well after realizing it wasn't some core problem with my version of pd 
or tcl or my OS, I implemented a suitable workaround for the problem of 
displaying large arrays on-screen without having to pump tons of data 
to the GUI.  Basically it's just a data reduction that every so often 
reads from the (invisible) source array and writes 0.1% of the data 
(interpolated) to the (visible) destination array.  I've attached the 
PD patch (an excerpt from a larger app, but I think I've commented it 
enough to see how it should be used.

Can anyone think of a more efficient way to do this sort of workaround 
in PD without hacking C code?

- David

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